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Sea Air freight tools

Sea-Air freight tools combine the advantages of both sea and air transport, offering a cost-effective and timely option for long-distance shipments. This innovative solution optimizes supply chain logistics, allowing cargo to be transported by sea to a regional hub, then swiftly transferred by air to its final destination, reducing transit times and enhancing efficiency.

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Warsaw Rules

The Warsaw Rule, also known as the Warsaw Convention, is an international treaty that governs the liability of airlines for injuries or damages to passengers and cargo during international air travel. It establishes rules and limits for compensation and provides a framework for resolving disputes related to air transportation incidents, fostering uniformity and consistency in aviation law.

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Freight Profile

Freight Profile tools are software applications used in logistics and supply chain management to analyze, track, and optimize shipment data. They provide comprehensive insights into cargo characteristics, volume, weight, and shipping patterns, aiding in better decision-making, cost optimization, and resource allocation. These tools enhance operational efficiency and facilitate data-driven freight management strategies.

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